The Preclarus Advantage

Every student will go to college!

Every student will graduate college!

Every student will receive a 4-year Bachelor's Degree from a college or university!

The Benefit of a Bachelor's Degree

Economists Haveman and Smeeding (2006) predicted that in recent years nearly half of all U.S. jobs will require a college education. This will make Bachelor's degree the most important determinant in improving mobility and leveling social and economic differences in our country. Currently, individuals who hold a Bachelor's degree earn over $23 thousand more per year than do high school graduates. According to the U.S. Census, citizens who earn a four-year college degree have incomes that are approximately $16 thousand higher than those who have some college experience but failed to receive a Bachelor's degree. The table below depicts annual salaries by educational level for the City of St. Louis.

Salaries by Educational Level

Furthermore, African-Americans who hold a college degree have reduced the racial economic gap by 35% and African-Americans with Bachelor's degrees from top colleges, on average, make incomes higher than their white counterparts.

Return on Investment

$56 : $1

Because we expect 90% of all Preclarus alum to receive a Bachelor's degree from a Preferred College we can estimate that a student who receives a Preclarus diploma can expect to make a whopping $3.7 Million Dollars more than the average high school graduate over the course of their lifetime.

Thus, for every $1 spent on a single Preclarus student, we provide him/her with $56.43 in additional lifetime value.