Preclarus Mastery Academy scholars have the opportunity to submit articles and drawings about various activities happening in our school community. 


Submitted by: Kimyata Wilkes, 7th grade

My name is Kimyata and a thing I love at Preclarus is our Tuesday data meetings.  The Tuesday data meetings really help our school work hard, achieve our goals, and do our very best on the test and other things that would help our school grow and become better.  I love that because when we are doing our data meeting our Head of School, Dr. Harris, tells us our mistakes so we can get better and next time we can achieve our goals.  I really hope every school in the United States gets a chance to have a meeting once a week because that might help with every mistake that they have.  It will be awesome if they know their mistakes so they can fix them instead of keeping the mistake.  That’s not really helping anything get better if they keep the mistakes.  So that’s why I love our Tuesday data meetings.


Submitted by: Guled Ahmed, 5th grade

I love Preclarus because it’s so welcoming. The first day of school I was quiet but when I met the teacher she was so outgoing. Look at me now I’m one of the loudest kids in the class.

What makes Preclarus great is the staff. They act so nice. Most of the bad kids need to get expelled but the teachers act way too nice.

The real reason I came to Preclarus is because my sister used to go here and still does. So, my mom wanted us to go to the same school.


Submitted by:  Tyshawn Johnson, 7th grade

Preclarus is great for a lot of reasons. Some reasons have to do with teachers. Some reasons might be about the activities. I’m about to explain why I think Preclarus is great.

One reason I think Preclarus is great is because they have teachers that care. Some teachers are fun, some are strict. Teachers like Coach Johnson are fun and strict. Also, people like Dr. Harris who gives money for academic achievements.

Another reason I think Preclarus is great is because of the activities. This school has had many activities like Fun Friday, Growth Jam, and the Hit The Quan contest. I personally like Fun Friday. I like Fun Friday because I can just be on my phone all day. This is why I think Preclarus is great. It’s a disciplined school and has good teachers and activities. 


Submitted by:  Kahalia Adams, 8th grade

I’ve been to many schools, and I have to say out of all of them there is not one quite like Preclarus. Preclarus Mastery Academy has the same goal that all schools have for their students (which is success), but the way they go about getting to that goal is very unique and different. It’s outside the box and works. Preclarus has a phenomenal group of staff that really genuinely cares about their students, and they have a great way of showing it. Preclarus incorporates their hands on learning environment for their students. I like how when you first walk into Preclarus you are greeted by the staff with smiles on their faces. I also like how the atmosphere is so full of enthusiasm that you can’t help but feed off its energy. I love how the staff goes out of their way to build relationships with each individual student. From the superintendent to the people who serve lunch, each person that works at Preclarus has the kids/students best interest at heart, and I do think that Preclarus is slowly but surely climbing our way to the top. If you don’t go to Preclarus, you’re making the wrong choice. Come to our school so you can know for yourself what you like about Preclarus Mastery Academy.