Why Do Parents Select Preclarus Mastery Academy?


At Preclarus Mastery Academy, we pride ourselves on our exceptional Board of Trustees, Superintendent, leaders, teachers, and students; yet, our parents faith and trust in our abilities help make Preclarus Mastery Academy a school of excellence.  We polled our parents this school year (2015-2016) to determine why the parent wanted their child or children to attend our school and they had the following comments to say about our organization.  


Ms. Patrina Sims, Parent of Janayah Cross (7th grade student)

"This school has never given up on my child.  My child has not had the best track record with other schools, but once she came here to Preclarus they (students, teachers, and staff) showed my child how and why she could change her behavior.  I, her mother, thank the school for that."


Ms. Brandi Gragg, Parent of Corey and Christian (5th & 7th grade students) 

"I enrolled my child at Preclarus Mastery Academy because my child deserves to receive the best education in the best possible environment.  Simply, I wanted something different for my child."


Mrs. Kimberly Busby-Weaver, Parent of Khari Busby (8th grade student)

"Preclarus Mastery Academy is a wonderful place for a student to receive an education! Preclarus teaches at a level so students have a clear understanding.  My child loves Preclarus as a whole starting with the principal.  My child loves his teachers and other students too.  The school provides a loving, caring, and compassionate staff that makes the students eager to learn.  Preclarus has a very understanding staff, which makes it easy for me as a parent to know if my child needs extra help.  At the same time, I know that the staff will provide my child extra help when needed also.  Overall, I just think Preclarus is a wonderful school and has been an exceptional help in my child's life."


Mrs. Whitney Beard, Parent of Camille Holton-Beard (5th grade student)

"I enrolled my child at Preclarus Mastery Academy because she is wiling to learn new things.  She has expressed a desire to attend college and the education at Preclarus will help her achieve that goal."


Mrs. Patricia Williams, Parent of Paris Prince (5th grade student)

"Preclarus Mastery Academy was the right choice for my family because I believe in child and her success.  I also believe that she can go far, which is why I was looking for a school outside of the norm.  I believe Preclarus Mastery Academy can make my baby shine even brighter."