Preclarus Mastery Academy was founded by Mr. Daryl McAdoo to provide families, especially those in North St. Louis City, with an educational option that equips students with the academic, social, leadership, and character qualities needed to enter and graduate from top universities. As the new Superintendent, I plan to work to ensure both Mr. McAdoo’s vision and our students’ dreams come to fruition.

Our students’ successful outcomes are predicated on three distinct virtues I possess for education. First, students need every classroom and office to have a highly competent, caring, and nurturing adult who possesses the desire and capacity to motivate and inspire him or her to set goals and accomplish them. Secondly, students must receive learning and practice opportunities that are laden with constructive feedback. In order to move student achievement, performance data must saturate the environment and improvement systems must be provided to all. Lastly, student learning or the lack thereof rest with the adults, not the students. Thus, as an educational leader, I take responsibility for the thinking, actions, and reactions of my staff and students, especially as it relates to student learning.

The name Preclarus is Latin for the words “Excellent” and “Striking”. Holding true to the meaning of Preclarus, we have retained and hired “excellent” staff. We have enrolled “excellent”, high quality students in each grade, 4th through 8th. We have developed an “excellent” Summer Bridge curriculum, which will fold into the curriculum and instructional expectations we hold dear. We have also cultivated an “excellent” partnership with Mayor Slay’s office that will provide job shadowing and work experiences for our most impressive, civic-minded students.

As Superintendent, I believe we are “striking” a blow for public education, urban communities, and student achievement.