Our school is fortunate to have stellar scholar leaders.  The below students expressed how Preclarus Mastery Academy helps them achieve their future goals.  



Student:  King Taylor  

"Preclarus Mastery Academy provides a rigorous curriculum and quality education so students can accomplish  and achieve success in high school, college, and life, as well as be lifelong learners.  Without receiving an education of this caliber, my peers and I would not be able to assist our communities now and in the future. Our school helps students become the best person possible by ensuring students are intelligent, prosperous, and successful."



Student:  Dara Simmons

"Preclarus Mastery Academy helps me achieve my future goals in many ways.  The school has created an environment where I want to improve my reading and I know how I am performing in reading through the STAR Reading test.  Preclarus makes sure teachers help students improve in every way.  As an eighth grader, this is my first and only year at the school.  Despite this fact, teachers work with me to make me my best.  We have activities that make me learn and prepare me for high school.  Preclarus Mastery Academy helps students with not just an education, but makes sure the students' future goals become an accomplishment."