Interested in Enrolling for 2017-2018 | 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Students


Parents must both juggle and accomplish a lot and our school recognizes this fact. Thus, we request busy families interested in Preclarus Mastery Academy to inform us of your interest in our school by clicking on the link below.  

Informing us of your interest at a time that is convenient for the parent allows the parent to move one more thing off the parent's plate and ensure our staff partners with the family from the beginning of the enrollment process.  Our staff will call parents, answer any questions the parent or student has, and work with the family to complete the application form, as well as ensure the family knows all the required forms to complete your child's registration.  Through this quick form, we show how much Preclarus Mastery Academy appreciates and respects our families' limited time to complete the important step of enrolling their child into a quality school.  

Application for Admission Student  (online form for 2017-2018)


Application for Student Admission (paper form for 2017-2018)


Student Enrollment Interest Form (for 2017-2018 School year)