About Preclarus Mastery Academy


School Name

Preclarus is a Latin word that means both "Excellent" and "Striking". You will find that our educational program will truly live up to the name of our school. We expect all our students to reflect excellence in character and attitude both in and outside the classroom. 

School Mission (College Mastery)

To fully equip our students with the academic, social, leadership and character qualities needed to enter into AND graduate from colleges or universities.

There is an undeniable need for a College Mastery school in St. Louis. Nearly a quarter of the city's "25 yrs+" population has entered college, yet failed to receive a bachelor degree. Moreover, the national college dropout rate for African-Americans is nearly 60%. Unlike college preparatory programs that chiefly focus on getting students through the college application process, Preclarus Mastery Academy will implement a College Mastery School Model that will ensure that every student who graduates from our school will be equipped to enter AND graduate from the colleges and universities in the nation.

Preclarus' Core Beliefs

To ensure the achievement of Preclarus Mastery Academy's mission, our academic goals are informed by the following core beliefs:

  1. We must ensure the quantifiable academic achievement of our students.
  2. We must demand that every child can, and will, succeed academically given targeted instructional delivery and high behavioral and academic expectations.
  3. We must maintain an uncompromising achievement focused school culture at all times.

Preclarus' goals, educational model, disciplinary approach, and instructional practices all align to personify these three core expectations.

A St. Louis City Charter School (100% Free Tuition)

Preclarus Mastery Academy is a 4th - 8th grade, independent, charter school. We offer 100% Free Tuition to any student who lives within St. Louis City limits. Preclarus is currently recruiting rising 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to join our school for the 2016-2017 school year. Please see Admissions for information on how to enroll your child into our program.