Preclarus Mastery Academy will serve as an incubator for future American Leaders.


The Preclarus Student will become a testimony of triumph as he/she gains regional recognition for his/her intellectual depth, exceptionally groomed talents, and upright character.

The Preclarus Graduate will become the model for honorable leadership by exemplifying integrity, sacrifice, and determination as he/she labors for the betterment of our community & country.

By 2030, Preclarus will nourish a national alumni network of men and women who defied environmental limitations to become prosperous leaders and innovators in the world of Art, Business, Civic Service, Medicine, Research, Politics, and beyond...


Our "Hit the QUAN" dance contest video is here!

Watch the video below to see how the staff and students at Preclarus Mastery Academy "Hit the QUAN" Academically!  Then see for yourself which group actually won the danceoff --- the staff or the students.  Online voting revealed the STUDENTS won, but you should judge for yourself!